Eco-Friendly Spanish Classes in Buenos Aires!

Send Love BA is a SUPER FAN of Vamos Spanish Academy. Not only does this school have awesome teachers and a great location in Alto Palermo, it is focused on eco-friendly learning.

Buenos Aires is beginning to blossom with green businesses (Home Hotel, Relevansi and The Laundry Company) and Vamos! is the first Spanish school in Buenos Aires to join the movement.

Just how green are they?

- original materials are designed by teachers so not only truly customizing classes but also avoiding photocopy books/exercises using more paper than necessary
- double-sided printing for materials
- every student gets a complimentary eco bag, which is made with 100% recyclable materials. On the bag, it says 'Yo no uso bolsas de plástico'. A way to spread a green message.
- draining the water from our air conditioners to our toilet tanks, so we reuse water for flushing
- implementing a clothing donation bin at school, so for those who are travelling and want to get rid of old clothes, they can donate them rather than throw them away
- using recycled papers, the paper is made of bagasse pulp of sugar cane and selected recycled papers, and it's an Elemental Chlorine Free product
- using mugs, glasses, real utensils - not plastic or foam alternatives
- continual book swap program, where students can exchange their read books for whatever books are in the library

Classes have a young vibe complimented by attentive and thorough professors. They have super discounts for students stayed longer than a week so don't miss out on a chance to learn Spanish and help the environment at the same time!

Check them out: Vamos Spanish Academy