Send an Easter Basket in Buenos Aires

Yes, it's Fall in Buenos Aires again, when the breeze picks up and Chocolate + Egg get to stand side by side for a few glorious weeks.

Send Love BA is the official Buenos Aires Easter Bunny, delivering an Easter basket piled high with goodies. Delicious treats like "Hoppy Bunny" Cupcakes made to order in classic carrot cake, heavenly chocolate and scrumptious vanilla as well as a giant chocolate Easter egg, a colorful Bouquet of flowers, Jelly Bellys and a personalized card! If you have a son or daughter in Buenos Aires, let them know you miss them too! Order now and we'll hop over and drop it off at the door by Easter Sunday!

Studying abroad in Buenos Aires never tasted so sweet!

Send Flowers to Buenos Aires without Shipping Costs

Don't use some bland international corporation - Send Love BA hand delivers flowers with love! Yes that's right, no random men at your daughter, wife, girlfriend or gal pal's door, just one of the friendly English speaking Send Love BA staff. You can choose what type of flowers, colors and arrangements you like. Flowers make a great accompaniment to traditional homemade goodies. Order online and pay by check or paypal at Send Love BA. The best part is that there are no delivery costs! Send a gift to Buenos Aires the safe and affordable way, .

Birthday Cakes In Buenos Aires


Spending your birthday in Buenos Aires? It has potential to be a lonely night away from your parents, close friends and that special someone. Luckily with Send Love BA all of those people can send you a cake as authentic as your mom's. Chocolate? Vanilla? Carrot? It doesn't matter what you like, the Send Love BA kitchen will happily make it and hand deliver it to your door. It's never been easier to celebrate a birthday overseas!

Parents of Kids Studying/Living in Buenos Aires:
1. Order something special for your child studying in Buenos Aires at
2. Pay easily by Paypal or check to our Maryland office
3. We will do the rest and have everything hand delivered to their door ON TIME

1. Paid for: by your Parents
2. Eaten by: You (maybe some lucky friends)
3. Delivered by: Send Love BA

Baseball in Buenos Aires! Cheerleaders welcomed!

Looking for a baseball team to join in Buenos Aires? The Shankees are the coolest group of guys to swing a bat around BA.

The Shankees Baseball Club was founded in November 2008 during the division series between the Philadelphia Phillies and the LA Dodgers.

After many a mug, American Author Paul Perry and American photographer John Harris thought it might be a good idea to create and ALL-American baseball team in Buenos Aires.

A month later, the team of only eight ex-pats entered a local summer baseball tournament and performed exceptionally well.

The players became friends and the team gave new meaning to the word “Yanqui” simply MUST make it this weekend to cheer yer Shankees on against Los Tígres de Escobar! Hey! Listen! The season is pretty short; don't delay ...there are only 6 more games left.

Don't let it be said that you missed EVERY game!

The Shanks have made it EVAH so easy for you to attend! Come out to Plaza Italia THIS Saturday and ride for free to the away game on the SHANKEE SHUTTLE (see the above map.)

You can ride with the team and all your fellow fans. You won't get another chance like this anywhere!

Call Yanqui Mike at 15-3803-7099 if you get confoosed at any point ...or email him at for any other info you need. DON'T BE LATE ...the Shankee Shuttle leaves Plaza Italia at 1:30pm sharp!


Send Love BA is a GREEN, SUSTAINABLE Company

At Send Love BA we are 100% devoted to supporting the local community and keeping operations sustainable and products

1. Our packages are delivered in (adorable) CLOTH TOTE BAGS

2. Our tote bags are sewn by women from a local villa (slum) who are paid FAIR WAGES and given the freedom to work from home and create their own schedules.

3. All deliveries are made ON FOOT and on public transportation - no car exhaust for us!

If you're living or studying abroad in Buenos Aires, tell the 'rents it's easy to be green by ordering you a SendLoveBA care package!