Buenos Aires Yearly Cultural Calendar

Buenos Aires has multiple free and almost free events happening everyday. Whether you are into music, dance, history or the outdoors, a little Internet research will lead you to some great options. To get details and tickets contact Madi@baculturalconcierge.com or visit www.baculturalconcierge.com

Fasionistas: Buenos Aires Moda Fashion Festival, March & September

Opera Enthusiasts: Teatro Colon, March-Dec

Electronic Music Muses: South American Music Conference, March

Film Freaks: BAFICI 10-Day Independent Film Festival, April

If you dig it all: Codigo Pais Festival of Music and Design, April

Tangueros: Tango Festival, 9-Day Tango Extravaganza, mid August

Artsy Fartsies: ArteBA International Art Festival, mid May

Winos: Feria de Vinos y Bodegas, early Sept

Music + Drugs: Creamfields Techno Music Festival, early November

Jockey Jocks: Gran Premio Nacional Horse Races, mid November

Dancing in the moonlight: Festival de Buenos Aires de Danza Contemporanea, Dec

Specific dates:

May 25th Revolutionaries: Subte-it to Plaza de Mayo for festivities and national sing-alongs. This being the bicentennial, get ready for live music, special performances and lots of white blue and....white.

July 9th Independent Spirits: Hit up the cafés along Avenida de Mayo, enjoy hot chocolate with churros followed by a mass at the cathedral is attended by the hot president, and revel in a serious talking-to given by the archbishop of Buenos Aires.

October 10th Athletes: Buenos Aires Marathon, Adidas – do you?

November 1st LGBT: Gay Pride March, dress to impress ... and shock

Eco-Friendly Spanish Classes in Buenos Aires!

Send Love BA is a SUPER FAN of Vamos Spanish Academy. Not only does this school have awesome teachers and a great location in Alto Palermo, it is focused on eco-friendly learning.

Buenos Aires is beginning to blossom with green businesses (Home Hotel, Relevansi and The Laundry Company) and Vamos! is the first Spanish school in Buenos Aires to join the movement.

Just how green are they?

- original materials are designed by teachers so not only truly customizing classes but also avoiding photocopy books/exercises using more paper than necessary
- double-sided printing for materials
- every student gets a complimentary eco bag, which is made with 100% recyclable materials. On the bag, it says 'Yo no uso bolsas de plástico'. A way to spread a green message.
- draining the water from our air conditioners to our toilet tanks, so we reuse water for flushing
- implementing a clothing donation bin at school, so for those who are travelling and want to get rid of old clothes, they can donate them rather than throw them away
- using recycled papers, the paper is made of bagasse pulp of sugar cane and selected recycled papers, and it's an Elemental Chlorine Free product
- using mugs, glasses, real utensils - not plastic or foam alternatives
- continual book swap program, where students can exchange their read books for whatever books are in the library

Classes have a young vibe complimented by attentive and thorough professors. They have super discounts for students stayed longer than a week so don't miss out on a chance to learn Spanish and help the environment at the same time!

Check them out: Vamos Spanish Academy

Road2Argentina recommends Send Love BA!

One of Buenos Aires' best study abroad programs, Road 2 Argentina, suggests Send Love BA to students and parents looking for an alternative to sending packages by mail!


Check us out under "Sending something special!"

Study abroad confessions: SAFETY

Just like in any foreign city, tourists, particularly vulnerable American students, need to look out for themselves. Here are specific tips to stay safe in Buenos Aires.


Try to always call for a "remis" or "Radio taxi", especially if you are alone. Don’t EVER just get into a taxi cab as a solo female unless you are absolutely fluent and sober. When you call for a taxi, the company assigns a taxi to get you, so the driver is documented and held accountable for his actions.

Check out this article for more taxi information: http://landingpadba.com/taxi-scams/

Around town and in your 'hood

Avoid speaking loudly in English while in public

Try not to carry your laptop around or flash expensive electronics

Stay aware of who is around you and walk confidently

Don't walk on isolated streets late or night or early in the morning, even with a few friends

*Always firmly close the door to your apartment building/house after entering, don't leave the door open even if it will eventually shut itself*

Boys and Men

Argentine guys are more forward and aggressive than American guys, so be prepared. Don’t take any drinks from guys, no matter who they are, unless you watched the drink get poured. To get rid of an annoying creep just remember these few phrases:

"No me toques" - Don't touch me

"Que chamuyero que sos!" - Sarcastic, what a smooth talker! You are calling them out and they will leave.

"Ahora viene mi novio/papa/guarda espaldas" - Here comes my boyfriend/Dad/ body guard

Safety in Numbers

Always make sure you and your friends are looking out for each other and keep track of where everyone is. If you go out in a large group, it is likely that you will split up, but always make sure to have someone you know in sight, and discuss beforehand how you will be going home.

True Emergencies

If you ever have an emergency, CALL THE US EMBASSY! You should memorize their number, and put it in your phone (54-11-5777-4354 from 8am to 5pm, all other hours’ call 54-11-5777-4873). That means that if you are in any situation which might involve the police, danger, or whatever, call the embassy! They are EXTREMELY helpful and have consuls specifically designated to help U.S. citizens abroad.

Trustworthy taxi companies:

Taxi Confianza : 4864 6184

Taxi Barzola: 4636 1306

Pidalo Taxi: 4956-1200

Central Remis: 4964-2000

Amazing Photo Essay by Study Abroad Students in Buenos Aires

Check out this site for amazing travel tips and this sweet photo essay of studying abroad in Buenos Aires!

Matador Travel: http://matadorabroad.com/photo-essay-studying-abroad-in-buenos-aires/

Study abroad confessions: PACKING for Buenos Aires

My program advised that I “pack lightly,” but for me, the words “packing” and “lightly” don’t fit in the same sentence. “How will I know exactly what shoes I will want to wear with each outfit when I go out? I’ll just bring a few heels to choose from.” “Wow! I love this shirt that I just discovered in the back of my closet. I know I’ve never worn it, but maybe I’ll wear it while I’m abroad? Packed.” “Even though I haven’t worn this in over a year, it’s so cute; I just can’t leave it behind!” If any of those thoughts sounds familiar, keep reading.

Bring about half of what you think you need. If you don’t wear it in the states, you won’t wear it here. Bring things that are versatile, comfortable, and easy to match. You definitely want to bring some cute dresses, but focus on bringing the more basic pieces from your wardrobe. Although 5 months is a long time, you don’t need more than 2-3 sets of pajamas (laundry machines exist in South America) . Bring one or two swimsuits, not more. Although Buenos Aires is on the coast, the nearest swimmable beach is a 4-5 hour bus ride away. If you have clothing which is on the verge of its last season (from being too worn out), bring that so you can throw it out at the end of the trip and carry less home. If you will be in Argentina for February, bring enough shorts; it gets HOT. If you plan on arriving at the end of February, you have skipped most of the hot summer season and only need a few things for hot weather. I recommend bringing one large duffle and one large backpacker bag, which will come in handy when traveling through South America. If you think you have too much stuff to fit in just a duffel-bag and a large backpack, then you’re right—you have too much stuff, so take less.

There are certain things from the United States that you will probably miss abroad, and might want to bring with you. The first is pretty well known: peanut butter. It’s hard to find here, and quite expensive. The pens here are very expensive for their poor quality—if you love pilot pens, bring them. Tampons with applicators are scarce and expensive, so unless you really want to get to know yourself better, pack tampons with applicators. Some other missed-items are Reeses peanut butter cups, tootsie pops, microwave popcorn, maple syrup, bagels, and brownies (however your parents can surprise you with a CAREPACKAGE which includes many of those items!).

The glory of a Buenos Aires Winter


Facturas: pastries
Vaca: cow
Merienda: afternoon snack
Olla: bowl
“Buen Provecho!”: Bon Apetit

It’s all sun and fun until May rolls around, right? There are less and less of those long sunny “hot-child-in-the-city” days and the girls trade in their mini-skirts for tapered jeans. The locals get back to work and the tourists run for warmer pastures. Well, don’t run so fast dear travelers- Buenos Aires has much to offer during those chilly winter months.

So maybe you believe that winter is not the best season for a first-time short visit to Buenos Aires, but for ex-pats, back-packers and those on “sabbatical” it can be quite charming; warm snacks meet off-season prices to create a delicious equation for anyone with enough courage to stay or insufficient funds to travel elsewhere.

Here is a list of local treats that are invariably better when it’s cold out:

1. Coffee!

Having coffee in Buenos Aires is a long-standing tradition that is popular among all generations. While some travelers are more beer oriented, sitting down in one of BA’s million coffee houses is a much better way to experience the local lifestyle. Order a café con leche y dos medialunas, read a book (preferably one by Borges or Cortázar) and people-watch the day away.

Slip into “La Puerto Rico” café at Adolfo Alsina 416 (Downtown) on a cold winter day and take a seat in their warm dining room. This is a historical location in Downtown's Monserrat neighborhood where the original revolutionaries met to discuss the country’s future during colonial times. The café is located by the infamous Colégio Nacional de Buenos Aires and was frequented by passionate students studying and debating politics.

TIP: Keep an eye out for people walking down the street with push-carts full of stainless steel thermoses. These saints are selling coffee (and usually facturas) for about $2 pesos or $0.50 cents. You can ask for you coffee exactly how you like it- and in my opinion, it’s the best cup around.

2. Shopping!

Who comes to buy leather in the summer? If you’re like me, you don’t think getting stuck in a pair of sweaty leather pants or arm-coverings on a hot summer day sounds like fun. Winter is the ideal season to buy leather in Buenos Aires- the prices go down due to fewer tourists (less demand) and nothing keeps your warm like a jacket made from a delicious Argentine vaca.

There are multiple trustworthy leather stores in Palermo (Villa Crespo) on Calle Murillo by the Malabia subte station. Las Pepas is a high-end girly leather shop that also has excellent quality in clothes and accessories. For a less trendy spot, visit the Feria de Mataderos where local and provincial artisans sell leather goods and other regional arts and crafts.

3. Chocolate con churros!

What’s better than a cafe on a chilly winter day? A traditional merienda option known as chocolate con churros. Pronounced, cha-co-la-tay, this hot chocolate is best taken with two or three (or 10) crunchy golden brown dulce-de-leche-filled tubes of pastry goodness pronounced “choo-RRos.” Practice the rolling R and then you will have earned this high calorie snack.

The best place for this warm treat is Confiteria Ideal on Suipacha 380 downtown. This beautiful old tearoom dates back to 1912 and takes you back in time with antique (original) stained glass, marble staircases and waiters in formalwear. Check out the schedule on their website to find out about their tango shows, classes and live music events.

4. Very cool festivals!

Four super important, educational and exciting festivals take place during winter in Buenos Aires: ArteBa, the International Human Rights Film Festival, Ciudad Emergente and the Festival Buenos Aires Tango and Mundial de Tango.

ArteBa 2009 takes place in late May at La Rural. La Sociedad Rural Argentina, or La Rural for short, is both a society and an exhibition center. The society was founded in 1866 under the motto, ‘To cultivate the soil is to serve the country.’ The original members were wealthy landowners who started the tradition of holding agricultural exhibitions in La Rural’s belle époque stadium.

This year will be ArteBa’s 18th annual contemporary art fair and is a great way to spend time indoors learning about Argentina’s hot art scene. Check out this video for a sneak peek, http://www.arteba.org/in/01-feria.htm.

The 10th annual Festival Internacional de Cine de Derechos Humanos, is a very important film festival focused on human rights. Taking place in June at the Centro Cultural Recoleta, this event aims to show social realities that allow for personal reflection on human rights issues.

Ciudad Emergente is a high-energy music festival, ideal for lovers of rock, indie pop and local beats. It may be cold in June, but there’s no better place to warm up during a wild week of concerts.

The best Tango shows of the year take place during this festival which in 2009 falls between the 14th and 31st of August. During the BA Tango Festival, followed by the World Tango Championship, visitors can take part in various classes, shows, fairs and finally an open-air milonga as a closing ceremony.

5. Guiso, locro, puchero! Oh my!

First, lets set the scene; the weather outside is frightful but inside you, your housemates and friends have congregated around a large witches brew. Looking inside the giant olla you spot veggies, meat, pork, beans, rice and pretty much anything that hadn’t already spoiled in the fridge. Guiso, locro and puchero are all names of traditional Argentine stews. Each differs slightly, for example guiso often has rice and lentils while locro generally has beans, which are not common in the Argentine diet. These delicious dishes are steaming hot and unimaginable during sweltering summer months. Dig in with a fresh baguette, have a glass of malbec on the side and don’t forget your manners, “Buen Provecho!”

Study abroad confessions: What I wish I'd known before coming to Buenos Aires

Send Love BA is proud to announce our new series: Buenos Aires Study Abroad Confessions

Native Marylander and 2010 Buenos Aires study abroad student Rachel tells it like it is.

Entry 1: The Truth about Home Stays in Buenos Aires

Most programs offer a “home-stay” with an Argentine “family” to experience the culture. Often a residencia (dorm) is available for an additional cost. The “home-stay” is a great experience—for about one month, and then it gets old. Some get lucky and live with a great family with host-siblings, and other students have less luck. Many of the home-stay “families” consist of a single old lady or a married old lady who needs the income. You probably won’t be permitted to invite guests or use the kitchen (though you are expected to provide your own lunch, which get’s expensive when you have to go out nearly every day). But the residencia has its drawbacks as well; there are many rules (no guests after 10pm, for example), the food is not great, it’s expensive, most residents are Americans, and you won’t have as many opportunities to practice your Spanish.

This is what I wholeheartedly recommend: If your program offers an intensive month, DO IT. Only pay your program for the home-stay for that one month (they will refund your housing money if you declare independent housing before the payment deadline), and use that month to find an apartment. That way, you will still get the “home-stay experience,” but won’t have to sacrifice your independence while living abroad. You can practice your Spanish with roommates your age rather than with an old couple. There are plenty of ways to become “immersed” in the culture here—It doesn’t have to be with a family. Obviously you can still end up in an American-culture bubble if you live with other students from your program, but if you look, you can also find some cool Argentine of South American kids your age to share an apartment with.

There are websites to help you find the right living arrangement; the one I used was www.spareroomsba.com . Unlike in the US where most apartment leases are year long, apartments in Buenos Aires are frequently rented on a month-to-month basis. I had 3 roommates from Spain and one from France, and my Spanish improved so much just from living with them (and I obtained more of a ‘hip’ vocabulary). I was also able to invite my friends over to have dinner, or to crash after a night of going out, but I hadn’t been able to do any of that while living in my home-stay (I moved out of after three months).

Summer Semester & Winter months in Buenos Aires

Coming to Buenos Aires for your "summer semester?" Pack some heavy clothes! This is a special note for gap year and college students who are preparing for a summer in Buenos Aires.

June, July and August are chilly months in Argentina. It's super important to pack layers, stockings, turtle necks, long johns, a snug hat, hoodies, thick socks and a big coat/fleece. Snow isn't an issue, but Buenos Aires is specifically humid year round and the cold can really settle in.

Also important to note is that dinner and night time festivities will be indoors as opposed to the usual outdoor hanging out that takes place in popular locations like Plaza Serrano (Cortazar) and Plaza Armenia. Don't be shy to stick your head into smaller joints and peñas to join in on the fun.

Food from the north of Argentina is specifically great for the winter with steamy empanadas and stews called "guisos." Locro is a specific stew that has white beans (very rare in BA!) but is also packed with gross animal parts that are not part of a healthy human diet.

The best way to keep warm this winter semester is by enjoy Send Love BA's home made chicken soup. We make it fresh to order and deliver 6 servings right to your door. Cold and flu season is here and we're here with our Get Well Soon package to sooth your sniffles.

Need help on planning your (or your child's) stay in Buenos Aires this winter? Contact us at www.SendLoveBA.com or www.BACulturalConcierge.com

Sweet Newsletter from Send Love BA

Greetings from the Send Love BA Kitchen! This edition of the newsletter is full of special offers, new packages and US brand extras for our cherished friends, new and old.

It seems that the summer sun has finally set on Buenos Aires and in it’s grand tradition, fall is flying by. We’ve got just what the doctor ordered for staying warm, happy and healthy!

To brighten up the gray days this season we are offering 20% off on flower deliveries! Use the code “FlowerPower” to get your discount when placing your order.

We’re excited to announce a new care package to delight you and your loved one:

Breakfast in Bed

* Aunt Jamima syrup

* Bisquick pancake mix

* Dunkin’ Donuts coffee

* Fruit salad

* 6 big Banana or Poppy Seed Muffins

* Fresh squeezed orange juice

Price: $85 USD

Limited time only extraordinary Extras!!!

Tabasco sauce, Skippy peanut butter, Aunt Jamima syrup, Bisquick pancake mix, marshmallows, Swiss Miss chocolate mix and everyone’s college favorite, Easy Mac.

These items are only available as ‘extras’ when you order a care package.

Keep an eye out for our upcoming offerings including a gluten free package and other discounts! Also, as cold and flu season rears it’s pretty head make sure to order our Get Well Soon package, including delicious homemade chicken soup.

Best gift in Buenos Aires!

Mother's Day is this coming Sunday!

Attention all grateful kids and pseudo-kids: This Sunday May 9th is Mother's Day in the USA
This is a reminder to call your momma on Sunday to say "I love you" but also, this is your chance to show your Buenos Aires home stay Mom how much you care. Visit www.sendloveba.com to order your home stay Mom a bouquet of flowers or a delicious care package full of American -style sweets.

Homesick in Buenos Aires? Here’s what you do...

1. Get out of the house and distract yourself

Homesick days are usually dragged out by staying indoors. Luckily, there is tons to do in Buenos Aires even if you feel alone or haven’t made friends yet. There are a few fool-proof ways to go out and meet people, our favorites are Spanglish language exchange and the BA Pub Crawl. Spanglish is a cool event held almost every night of the week where locals and foreigners come together in a speed-dating style language exchange. The entry is super cheap ***, comes with a drink and you are guaranteed to meet many new people. The Pub Crawl is an amazing mixer if you’re in the mood to get drunk and meet people from all over the world. Again, with events almost every night of the week and a crazy good deal for entry you’ll be sure to have a blast. The Pub Crawl also has a Gay Night Out that is ideal for those looking to meet other gays in the city.

Heres a link to an article with things to do when you’re feelin’ lame:

2. Get some exercise!

Whether you like to run, bike or do acrobatics, Buenos Aires is full of exercising opportunities. And to quote Elle from Legally Blonde, “Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. Happy people just don’t shoot their husbands, they just don’t.” Well...the last part might not apply but you get the idea.

For more ideas, check out this LandingPadBA article: How to stay fit in Buenos Aires

3. Skip the call to Mom and Dad

Calling home sometimes makes you feel worse but your parents do, of course, want you to feel better. We suggest sending them a link to www.SendLoveBA.com where they can order you a personalized and delicious care package with all your favorites from back home. Sinking your teeth into a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, a bagel with cream cheese or a fresh baked chocolate cake might just do the trick! Feeling blue with a cold? Order up a week long supply of homemade chicken soup and you’ll feel better in no time.

Heres the link to send on over: Care Packages In Buenos Aires

How to ‘pasarla bien’ on your Birthday in Buenos Aires

Spending a birthday abroad can be:

Wild: you’re underage back home and legal in Argentina
Lonely: you’ve never spent a cumple away from the family
Boring: you have no idea what to do for the big day
Extravagant: birthday money comes in foreign currency and you spend pesos
Successful: you’ve read this article, have received a birthday care package, spent the day on a boat with friends, had the best dinner and danced all night.

Whether you are stoked to turn 21 or are missing gifts your family, we’re here to help you celebrate and pasarla bien.

Budget Birthdays

Those who are actually earning pesos will have to get creative. While sushi sprees are out of the question, there are many free activities and dining options to take advantage of.

Plan a picnic in the Bosques de Palermo or Tigre

Materials needed:
1. Bed sheet from your apartment (preferably clean but lets be honest...)
2. Sun block and bug spray
3. A cute local with a guitar (optional)
4. A thermos with hot water and mate
5. Sandwiches de miga bought from a bakery (crust less sandwiches with various fillings)
6. $.080 cent train tickets if going to Tigre

Add friends and enjoy!

Find a free cultural event

Spend your birthday doing something you’ve never done before. Buenos Aires has multiple free and almost free events happening everyday. Whether you are into music, dance, history or the outdoors, a little Internet research will lead you to some great options.

Fasionistas: Buenos Aires Moda Fashion Festival, March & September
Opera Enthusiasts: Teatro Colon, March-Dec
Electronic Music Muses: South American Music Conference, March
Film Freaks: BAFICI 10-Day Independent Film Festival, April
If you dig it all: Codigo Pais Festival of Music and Design, April
Tangueros: Tango Festival, 9-Day Tango Extravaganza, mid August
Artsy Fartsies: ArteBA International Art Festival, mid May
Winos: Feria de Vinos y Bodegas, early Sept
Music junkies: Creamfields Techno Music Festival, early November
Jockey Jocks: Gran Premio Nacional Horse Races, mid November

Specific dates:

May 25th Revolutionaries: Subte-it to Plaza de Mayo for festivities and national sing-alongs. This being the bicentennial, get ready for live music, special performances and lots of white blue and....white.

July 9th Independent Spirits: Hit up the cafés along Avenida de Mayo, enjoy hot chocolate with churros followed by a mass at the cathedral is attended by the hot president, and revel in a serious talking-to given by the archbishop of Buenos Aires.

October 10th Athletes: Buenos Aires Marathon, Adidas – do you?

November 1st LGBTIA: Gay Pride March, dress to impress ... and shock

Earning dollars / It’s on the ‘rents aka “It’s on us honey...anything you want”

Sailing trip with hottie Captian and Crew

Wondering where the water is in this town? Forget what a cool breeze feels like? Spoil yourself and your friends with a private sailing trip around the Rio de la Plata or out to Uruguay. Choose one special person to share a romantic night under the stars or your 3 best friends for music-blasting champagne-popping day in the water. Check out www.Zheroba.com.ar to organize the best sailing trip for your special day.

What about gifts? I mean...it IS only natural.

We’ve taken care of your Buenos Aires birthday, but what about your family and friends back home who want to help you celebrate? Until now there has been no way to send gifts internationally and have them arrive safely in Buenos Aires. Thank goodness for SendLoveBA.com that invites your peeps back home to order you a care package online, customize it and have it delivered on time and full of fresh deliciousness.

SendLoveBA care packages are a god-send to those who are loving life in BA but miss homemade favorites from home such as brownies, bagels, chocolate chip cookies and of course, birthday cake! With American bakers making these traditional sweets fresh to order, you can celebrate your birthday with the same flavors and aromas as always.

Who knows? The sender may even choose to include extras from the a la carte list including US brand peanut butter, Tabasco sauce, Aunt Jamima, and more! Tell the ‘rents not to waste their money on a UPS package that will arrive 4 months late with stale cookie crumbs and a Happy Birthday card...we make it easy! No shipping costs, no question that it will arrive on time and exactly how you like it.

A Thank You gift for Your Buenos Aires Homestay Family

    A gift from Send Love BA is the best way to say "Thank You" to a great homestay host in Buenos Aires! With sweet customized packages, easy online ordering and personalized attention we ensure that the gift you send to your home stay host will leave them feeling appreciated and missing their foreign "child". 
    At the end of your study abroad program in Buenos Aires you are stressed, sad and rushed to check everything off of your to do list. You still need to buy souvenirs in San Telmo for your Mom and get your brother an Argentine soccer jersey. Your bags are packed and you give one more hug to your homestay mom. It seems like only yesterday that you arrived in Buenos Aires, making awkward introductions and stumbling over your Spanish. You can't believe that 5 months have passed so quickly. The question is, how can you express your gratitude for this family that hosted you?  You could  send something from the back home, but you know it's both costly and risky. You can take them out to dinner, but you know they would never let you pay for the whole fam. Even better? You could order something for them once you are home that is both cost efficient, practical and full of sweetness. You can share with them a bit of your culture. Anyone who has been in Buenos Aires knows that porteños love sweets and what better gift than delicious fresh baked favorites like brownies, cupcakes and banana bread. Remember all the kind things they did for you and send love! 

Packing list for study abroad students and visitors to Buenos Aires:

Sometimes the biggest challenge in moving or traveling to a foreign country is deciding what clothes are worth stuffing in your over-sized backpack. Buenos Aires is tricky to pack for. Unlike other Latin American countries where the weather is balmy and tropical all year long Buenos Aires has 4 very different seasons; Cold, Colder, Warm and Hot. The cold in Buenos Aires doesn't involve snow but somehow the humid coldness gets under your skin and settles into your bones and the hot is sweltering.
The all year daytime style in Argentine is pretty casual. For both travelers and students in Buenos Aires, think jeans and sweaters during the day for the cold months and shorts and tank tops during the hot ones. Also, don't forget that seasons in Argentina are opposite to the seasons in the Northern Hemisphere for example our winter is their summer. However, for all seasons prepare for rain. Rain storms will rumble throughout the city for a few hours and disappear before dinner or pound down all day. Make sure to check the weather before you start your day to see what you have in store.

Summer (December 21st-March 21st): Daytime attire is pretty simple jeans, t-shirts, tank tops and comfortable walking shoes. It's an urban city and people love trendy gladiator sandals or Havianas during the day. At night women don't get too glammed up to hit the bars and clubs but often throw a colorful flower in their hair, a stylish dress and some opt for heels but don't feel obligated because chances are you might tower over a large percentage of the population. The nights are pretty humid so a safe bet is to stay in dresses and skirts. On weekends people flock to their beach houses in Mar del Plata or nearby Uruguay to soak in the sun, so pack your swimsuit, but word to the wise, prepare to sweat.

Fall (March 21st-June 21st): Fall is warm during the days but the temperatures drop sporadically and get chilly at night. We suggest keeping a sweater on you at all times in case of weather changes. Bring comfortable clothes during the day and a light sweater for the night. Dust off your Levi jeans and curl up in your favorite zip up when it gets chilly.

Winter (June 21st-September 21st): Winter is very cold and very wet. This is the time to rock an authentic Argentine leather jacket, some new boots or the super popular Converse sneakers. We suggest lots of layers if you don't want to pack a large coat. Or opt for a basic peacoat to pair with your thick scarf, jeans, heavy socks and boots that are ideal for this chilly season.

Spring (September 21st-December 21st): Spring is the light at the end of the tunnel after winter. The birds are chirping, flowers blooming and the sun is shining but it can still get cold, refreshing but cold. Long sleeve shirts, pants and light jackets are highly recommended (layers work best). Spring in Buenos Aires is still rather chilly and it's still appropriate to sport a leather jacket and fashionable scarf. People start moving outdoors again so pack running clothes to run around the beautiful Rosedal garden where the roses should be in full bloom.

Whether you are studying abroad in Buenos Aires or traveling to Argentina we hope this information helps! For more great info on visiting Buenos Aires check out BA Cultural Concierge.

Sick in Buenos Aires? Info about Hospitals, Health Insurance and Emergencies

Sick in Buenos Aires? Here's the news on hospitals, health insurance and emergencies.

Going to see a doctor in Buenos Aires is very easy. The best hospitals with world class docs are Hospital Aleman and Swiss Medical. The hospitals are centrally located in Palermo and Recoleta with smaller locations all over the city. If you need to see a doctor urgently - no matter what specialty- you should go to the emergency room called "LA GUARDIA."

Once you enter, you'll see a security guard or reception desk. Tell them that you are sick and be specific if you can. If you don't know how to explain how you feel just say, "Me siento enferma y necesito ver un doctor." Some of the receptionists might speak English and you can surely request an English speaking doctor, "Necesito un doctor que hable ingles," You'll need to get in line to pay for your visit ($125-150 pesos) and then take a seat. You can pay with pesos or a credit card. The doctors will call you in order of gravity of your situation.

The guardia at Hospital Aleman is located on Beruti street between Pueyrredon and Ecuador and the guardia at Swiss Medical is located at Pueyrredon and Santa Fe. A taxi ride is the best way to travel if you are ill, but if you are devoted to the subway, the closest stop to both hospitals is the Pueyrredon on the D line.

For more information on affordable local health insurance and hospital stays check out Madi's Hospitals and Health Insurance article at http://baculturalconcierge.com/?p=139

Send an Easter Basket in Buenos Aires

Yes, it's Fall in Buenos Aires again, when the breeze picks up and Chocolate + Egg get to stand side by side for a few glorious weeks.

Send Love BA is the official Buenos Aires Easter Bunny, delivering an Easter basket piled high with goodies. Delicious treats like "Hoppy Bunny" Cupcakes made to order in classic carrot cake, heavenly chocolate and scrumptious vanilla as well as a giant chocolate Easter egg, a colorful Bouquet of flowers, Jelly Bellys and a personalized card! If you have a son or daughter in Buenos Aires, let them know you miss them too! Order now and we'll hop over and drop it off at the door by Easter Sunday!

Studying abroad in Buenos Aires never tasted so sweet!

Send Flowers to Buenos Aires without Shipping Costs

Don't use some bland international corporation - Send Love BA hand delivers flowers with love! Yes that's right, no random men at your daughter, wife, girlfriend or gal pal's door, just one of the friendly English speaking Send Love BA staff. You can choose what type of flowers, colors and arrangements you like. Flowers make a great accompaniment to traditional homemade goodies. Order online and pay by check or paypal at Send Love BA. The best part is that there are no delivery costs! Send a gift to Buenos Aires the safe and affordable way, SendLoveBA.com .

Birthday Cakes In Buenos Aires


Spending your birthday in Buenos Aires? It has potential to be a lonely night away from your parents, close friends and that special someone. Luckily with Send Love BA all of those people can send you a cake as authentic as your mom's. Chocolate? Vanilla? Carrot? It doesn't matter what you like, the Send Love BA kitchen will happily make it and hand deliver it to your door. It's never been easier to celebrate a birthday overseas!

Parents of Kids Studying/Living in Buenos Aires:
1. Order something special for your child studying in Buenos Aires at SendLoveBA.com
2. Pay easily by Paypal or check to our Maryland office
3. We will do the rest and have everything hand delivered to their door ON TIME

1. Paid for: by your Parents
2. Eaten by: You (maybe some lucky friends)
3. Delivered by: Send Love BA

Baseball in Buenos Aires! Cheerleaders welcomed!

Looking for a baseball team to join in Buenos Aires? The Shankees are the coolest group of guys to swing a bat around BA.

The Shankees Baseball Club was founded in November 2008 during the division series between the Philadelphia Phillies and the LA Dodgers.

After many a mug, American Author Paul Perry and American photographer John Harris thought it might be a good idea to create and ALL-American baseball team in Buenos Aires.

A month later, the team of only eight ex-pats entered a local summer baseball tournament and performed exceptionally well.

The players became friends and the team gave new meaning to the word “Yanqui”

...you simply MUST make it this weekend to cheer yer Shankees on against Los Tígres de Escobar! Hey! Listen! The season is pretty short; don't delay ...there are only 6 more games left.

Don't let it be said that you missed EVERY game!

The Shanks have made it EVAH so easy for you to attend! Come out to Plaza Italia THIS Saturday and ride for free to the away game on the SHANKEE SHUTTLE (see the above map.)

You can ride with the team and all your fellow fans. You won't get another chance like this anywhere!

Call Yanqui Mike at 15-3803-7099 if you get confoosed at any point ...or email him at letters@yanquimike.com.ar for any other info you need. DON'T BE LATE ...the Shankee Shuttle leaves Plaza Italia at 1:30pm sharp!



Send Love BA is a GREEN, SUSTAINABLE Company

At Send Love BA we are 100% devoted to supporting the local community and keeping operations sustainable and products green...how?

1. Our packages are delivered in (adorable) CLOTH TOTE BAGS

2. Our tote bags are sewn by women from a local villa (slum) who are paid FAIR WAGES and given the freedom to work from home and create their own schedules.

3. All deliveries are made ON FOOT and on public transportation - no car exhaust for us!

If you're living or studying abroad in Buenos Aires, tell the 'rents it's easy to be green by ordering you a SendLoveBA care package!

Get it hot ! Homemade Chicken Soup hits BA

Are you studying abroad or an expat in Buenos Aires? Got the sniffles? Cold weather is coming and we've got a hankering for homemade CHICKEN SOUP!

That's right! Chef Steph is cooking up Buenos Aires's only homemade chicken soup in the SendLoveBA kitchen. Contact us and grab a spoon - we're on our way to deliver a weeks worth of fresh soup to your door.

Not feeling well? Being sick in Buenos Aires ain't fun, ask the 'rents to order you a Get Well Soon Package including:

Chicken soup - enough to eat now and freeze more for later
Gatorade - 2 bottles for extra electrolytes
Oranges - gotta get that vitamin C
Tea+Honey - to sooth your sore throat
Chocolate Chip cookies - to sweeten your mood
Kleenex - .... for obvious reasons!

Add flowers to awake your sense of smell!

Contact us at www.sendloveba.com or by email at Madi@sendloveba.com

Tips for Studying Abroad in Buenos Aires

Parents: How to stay in touch with your student in Buenos Aires without breaking the bank

Calling Argentina for $0.024 cents per minute

The very best way to speak to a loved one in Buenos Aires and Argentina is through Skype. Skype can be downloaded free and used from any computer with speakers and a microphone (built-in or plugged in). When you sign up for Skype, you choose a user name and link it to an email address. Skype to Skype calls are free (both users are logged in) and you can also call landlines from Skype. The charges are minimal and you can add money to your Skype account with a credit card. The best part of Skype is that those with a video camera can have video chats which are also free. Seeing your loved ones is amazing and makes the distance seem much shorter. View details at www.skype.com.

NoshBA does a sweet review of SendLoveBA !

We love NoshBA.com - BA's newest source for real-deal restaurant and food reviews in Buenos Aires.

Check out their SendLove Letter (AKA review) of SendLoveBA

Here are some highlights from the review:

We here at Nosh obviously love food, so naturally food is what we miss the most from our homes in the US of A. Sometimes don’t you just want a Twinkie, or a hamburger that doesn’t involve the word “Paty?” Here to the rescue is Send Love BA. Although Send Love keeps it a bit more classy than Twinkies, the concept is simple, yet brilliant: home delivery of care packages packed to the gills with grub we miss and love....

...It arrived one afternoon in an eco-friendly brown sack with a little ribbon, perhaps to imply its contents meant well. Our wonderful delivery gal kindly informed us that there was a bagel and that it was to be eaten immediately as it was fresh and hot...

...These were hands down the best brownies we’ve tasted in BA. That might not say much, but they could compete in the states no problem. They were gooey, soft moist, sweet all at the same time. Almost like a dark boliche in your mouth. The best thing? They tasted just as great days later...

THANK YOU TO ADRIAN GROSS at www.NoshBA.com and www.estampate.com

Quick Tips for Studying Abroad in Buenos Aires

Hi Parents: Sending Money to Buenos Aires

Let's pretend that everyone under 25 is super responsible. But even a super responsible person can loose a credit card, right?

The best way to send funds to someone in Buenos Aires is through Western Union. Bank transfers are only feasible if the receiver has an ATM card and can access their account. If someone in BA has lost their ATM card the best way to get them cash is with Western Union. There are many locations throughout the city including a very safe one in the Recoleta Design Center complex. There is a fee involved but usually will not exceed $40 USD. Check out their site: www.westernunion.com

How to let family and friends know about SendLoveBA Care Packages

Friends and family back home should know how to send you a care package and SKIP international shipping fees!

Follow this link to tell someone about SendLoveBA:


Secret Admirer In Buenos Aires

February 14th a day of love for many. For others, it is a day where to hit the movies in search of shelter from the Hallmark infested lovey dovey world outside. In my experience I have had mostly positive Valentine’s Days. I’ve had the surprisingly cute days where boyfriends would shower me with chocolates and roses and others where I hung out with some dudes named Ben and Jerry and my girlfriends.
Throughout the years I have had one secret admirer that has been consistent, my mother. Year after year starting at a young age with candy and developing into beautiful fragrant red velvet colored roses my mom has sent me things posing as my “secret admirer.” Every year I hope that in fact it is a secret admirer that is sending me these but it always turns out to be my loving mother. I don’t know what they do in Buenos Aires nor do I know if I will get anything from a Porteño admirer but I do hope that I will get those colorful flowers that add cheer on a rather peppy holiday.
I’ve been living in Buenos Aires for the past four months and have realized that normal tasks like “shipping” and “receiving” mail are not fully understood concepts here. Thus the good old fashion pony express poses a challenge to show love and connect with others, especially to and from the USA. Fortunately with Send Love BA my mom can still leave flowers on my doorstep by simply ordering them online. She can even throw in a gift certificate to my favorite restaurant for me and another friend or if she is feeling extra generous she can include some good ole American comfort food like homemade brownies or chocolate chip cookies, all made locally by Americans living in Buenos Aires. It could be something like flowers for Valentine’s day or gift certificates to the best Yoga classes in town. If only I had a special someone at home who wanted to show his or her love for me, but for the time being my mom is the best admirer there is and she better be sending flowers.

Valentines Day Care Packages Ideal for Your Loved One in BA

Thinking about a student, friend or family member who will be in Buenos Aires for Valentines Day? Show your love with a beautiful V-Day Care Package from Send Love BA. Don't just send flowers to Buenos Aires, send love!

This special edition package includes:

1/2 Dozen Red or Pink Roses
A Dozen Heart-Shaped Homemade Cookies
A Box of Chocolates
and a personalized Valentines Day card with your message inside

To order contact Madi@sendloveba.com or visit www.sendloveba.com