Secret Admirer In Buenos Aires

February 14th a day of love for many. For others, it is a day where to hit the movies in search of shelter from the Hallmark infested lovey dovey world outside. In my experience I have had mostly positive Valentine’s Days. I’ve had the surprisingly cute days where boyfriends would shower me with chocolates and roses and others where I hung out with some dudes named Ben and Jerry and my girlfriends.
Throughout the years I have had one secret admirer that has been consistent, my mother. Year after year starting at a young age with candy and developing into beautiful fragrant red velvet colored roses my mom has sent me things posing as my “secret admirer.” Every year I hope that in fact it is a secret admirer that is sending me these but it always turns out to be my loving mother. I don’t know what they do in Buenos Aires nor do I know if I will get anything from a PorteƱo admirer but I do hope that I will get those colorful flowers that add cheer on a rather peppy holiday.
I’ve been living in Buenos Aires for the past four months and have realized that normal tasks like “shipping” and “receiving” mail are not fully understood concepts here. Thus the good old fashion pony express poses a challenge to show love and connect with others, especially to and from the USA. Fortunately with Send Love BA my mom can still leave flowers on my doorstep by simply ordering them online. She can even throw in a gift certificate to my favorite restaurant for me and another friend or if she is feeling extra generous she can include some good ole American comfort food like homemade brownies or chocolate chip cookies, all made locally by Americans living in Buenos Aires. It could be something like flowers for Valentine’s day or gift certificates to the best Yoga classes in town. If only I had a special someone at home who wanted to show his or her love for me, but for the time being my mom is the best admirer there is and she better be sending flowers.

Valentines Day Care Packages Ideal for Your Loved One in BA

Thinking about a student, friend or family member who will be in Buenos Aires for Valentines Day? Show your love with a beautiful V-Day Care Package from Send Love BA. Don't just send flowers to Buenos Aires, send love!

This special edition package includes:

1/2 Dozen Red or Pink Roses
A Dozen Heart-Shaped Homemade Cookies
A Box of Chocolates
and a personalized Valentines Day card with your message inside

To order contact or visit