Sweet Newsletter from Send Love BA

Greetings from the Send Love BA Kitchen! This edition of the newsletter is full of special offers, new packages and US brand extras for our cherished friends, new and old.

It seems that the summer sun has finally set on Buenos Aires and in it’s grand tradition, fall is flying by. We’ve got just what the doctor ordered for staying warm, happy and healthy!

To brighten up the gray days this season we are offering 20% off on flower deliveries! Use the code “FlowerPower” to get your discount when placing your order.

We’re excited to announce a new care package to delight you and your loved one:

Breakfast in Bed

* Aunt Jamima syrup

* Bisquick pancake mix

* Dunkin’ Donuts coffee

* Fruit salad

* 6 big Banana or Poppy Seed Muffins

* Fresh squeezed orange juice

Price: $85 USD

Limited time only extraordinary Extras!!!

Tabasco sauce, Skippy peanut butter, Aunt Jamima syrup, Bisquick pancake mix, marshmallows, Swiss Miss chocolate mix and everyone’s college favorite, Easy Mac.

These items are only available as ‘extras’ when you order a care package.

Keep an eye out for our upcoming offerings including a gluten free package and other discounts! Also, as cold and flu season rears it’s pretty head make sure to order our Get Well Soon package, including delicious homemade chicken soup.

Best gift in Buenos Aires!

Mother's Day is this coming Sunday!

Attention all grateful kids and pseudo-kids: This Sunday May 9th is Mother's Day in the USA
This is a reminder to call your momma on Sunday to say "I love you" but also, this is your chance to show your Buenos Aires home stay Mom how much you care. Visit www.sendloveba.com to order your home stay Mom a bouquet of flowers or a delicious care package full of American -style sweets.

Homesick in Buenos Aires? Here’s what you do...

1. Get out of the house and distract yourself

Homesick days are usually dragged out by staying indoors. Luckily, there is tons to do in Buenos Aires even if you feel alone or haven’t made friends yet. There are a few fool-proof ways to go out and meet people, our favorites are Spanglish language exchange and the BA Pub Crawl. Spanglish is a cool event held almost every night of the week where locals and foreigners come together in a speed-dating style language exchange. The entry is super cheap ***, comes with a drink and you are guaranteed to meet many new people. The Pub Crawl is an amazing mixer if you’re in the mood to get drunk and meet people from all over the world. Again, with events almost every night of the week and a crazy good deal for entry you’ll be sure to have a blast. The Pub Crawl also has a Gay Night Out that is ideal for those looking to meet other gays in the city.

Heres a link to an article with things to do when you’re feelin’ lame:

2. Get some exercise!

Whether you like to run, bike or do acrobatics, Buenos Aires is full of exercising opportunities. And to quote Elle from Legally Blonde, “Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. Happy people just don’t shoot their husbands, they just don’t.” Well...the last part might not apply but you get the idea.

For more ideas, check out this LandingPadBA article: How to stay fit in Buenos Aires

3. Skip the call to Mom and Dad

Calling home sometimes makes you feel worse but your parents do, of course, want you to feel better. We suggest sending them a link to www.SendLoveBA.com where they can order you a personalized and delicious care package with all your favorites from back home. Sinking your teeth into a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, a bagel with cream cheese or a fresh baked chocolate cake might just do the trick! Feeling blue with a cold? Order up a week long supply of homemade chicken soup and you’ll feel better in no time.

Heres the link to send on over: Care Packages In Buenos Aires

How to ‘pasarla bien’ on your Birthday in Buenos Aires

Spending a birthday abroad can be:

Wild: you’re underage back home and legal in Argentina
Lonely: you’ve never spent a cumple away from the family
Boring: you have no idea what to do for the big day
Extravagant: birthday money comes in foreign currency and you spend pesos
Successful: you’ve read this article, have received a birthday care package, spent the day on a boat with friends, had the best dinner and danced all night.

Whether you are stoked to turn 21 or are missing gifts your family, we’re here to help you celebrate and pasarla bien.

Budget Birthdays

Those who are actually earning pesos will have to get creative. While sushi sprees are out of the question, there are many free activities and dining options to take advantage of.

Plan a picnic in the Bosques de Palermo or Tigre

Materials needed:
1. Bed sheet from your apartment (preferably clean but lets be honest...)
2. Sun block and bug spray
3. A cute local with a guitar (optional)
4. A thermos with hot water and mate
5. Sandwiches de miga bought from a bakery (crust less sandwiches with various fillings)
6. $.080 cent train tickets if going to Tigre

Add friends and enjoy!

Find a free cultural event

Spend your birthday doing something you’ve never done before. Buenos Aires has multiple free and almost free events happening everyday. Whether you are into music, dance, history or the outdoors, a little Internet research will lead you to some great options.

Fasionistas: Buenos Aires Moda Fashion Festival, March & September
Opera Enthusiasts: Teatro Colon, March-Dec
Electronic Music Muses: South American Music Conference, March
Film Freaks: BAFICI 10-Day Independent Film Festival, April
If you dig it all: Codigo Pais Festival of Music and Design, April
Tangueros: Tango Festival, 9-Day Tango Extravaganza, mid August
Artsy Fartsies: ArteBA International Art Festival, mid May
Winos: Feria de Vinos y Bodegas, early Sept
Music junkies: Creamfields Techno Music Festival, early November
Jockey Jocks: Gran Premio Nacional Horse Races, mid November

Specific dates:

May 25th Revolutionaries: Subte-it to Plaza de Mayo for festivities and national sing-alongs. This being the bicentennial, get ready for live music, special performances and lots of white blue and....white.

July 9th Independent Spirits: Hit up the caf├ęs along Avenida de Mayo, enjoy hot chocolate with churros followed by a mass at the cathedral is attended by the hot president, and revel in a serious talking-to given by the archbishop of Buenos Aires.

October 10th Athletes: Buenos Aires Marathon, Adidas – do you?

November 1st LGBTIA: Gay Pride March, dress to impress ... and shock

Earning dollars / It’s on the ‘rents aka “It’s on us honey...anything you want”

Sailing trip with hottie Captian and Crew

Wondering where the water is in this town? Forget what a cool breeze feels like? Spoil yourself and your friends with a private sailing trip around the Rio de la Plata or out to Uruguay. Choose one special person to share a romantic night under the stars or your 3 best friends for music-blasting champagne-popping day in the water. Check out www.Zheroba.com.ar to organize the best sailing trip for your special day.

What about gifts? I mean...it IS only natural.

We’ve taken care of your Buenos Aires birthday, but what about your family and friends back home who want to help you celebrate? Until now there has been no way to send gifts internationally and have them arrive safely in Buenos Aires. Thank goodness for SendLoveBA.com that invites your peeps back home to order you a care package online, customize it and have it delivered on time and full of fresh deliciousness.

SendLoveBA care packages are a god-send to those who are loving life in BA but miss homemade favorites from home such as brownies, bagels, chocolate chip cookies and of course, birthday cake! With American bakers making these traditional sweets fresh to order, you can celebrate your birthday with the same flavors and aromas as always.

Who knows? The sender may even choose to include extras from the a la carte list including US brand peanut butter, Tabasco sauce, Aunt Jamima, and more! Tell the ‘rents not to waste their money on a UPS package that will arrive 4 months late with stale cookie crumbs and a Happy Birthday card...we make it easy! No shipping costs, no question that it will arrive on time and exactly how you like it.