Get it hot ! Homemade Chicken Soup hits BA

Are you studying abroad or an expat in Buenos Aires? Got the sniffles? Cold weather is coming and we've got a hankering for homemade CHICKEN SOUP!

That's right! Chef Steph is cooking up Buenos Aires's only homemade chicken soup in the SendLoveBA kitchen. Contact us and grab a spoon - we're on our way to deliver a weeks worth of fresh soup to your door.

Not feeling well? Being sick in Buenos Aires ain't fun, ask the 'rents to order you a Get Well Soon Package including:

Chicken soup - enough to eat now and freeze more for later
Gatorade - 2 bottles for extra electrolytes
Oranges - gotta get that vitamin C
Tea+Honey - to sooth your sore throat
Chocolate Chip cookies - to sweeten your mood
Kleenex - .... for obvious reasons!

Add flowers to awake your sense of smell!

Contact us at or by email at

Tips for Studying Abroad in Buenos Aires

Parents: How to stay in touch with your student in Buenos Aires without breaking the bank

Calling Argentina for $0.024 cents per minute

The very best way to speak to a loved one in Buenos Aires and Argentina is through Skype. Skype can be downloaded free and used from any computer with speakers and a microphone (built-in or plugged in). When you sign up for Skype, you choose a user name and link it to an email address. Skype to Skype calls are free (both users are logged in) and you can also call landlines from Skype. The charges are minimal and you can add money to your Skype account with a credit card. The best part of Skype is that those with a video camera can have video chats which are also free. Seeing your loved ones is amazing and makes the distance seem much shorter. View details at

NoshBA does a sweet review of SendLoveBA !

We love - BA's newest source for real-deal restaurant and food reviews in Buenos Aires.

Check out their SendLove Letter (AKA review) of SendLoveBA

Here are some highlights from the review:

We here at Nosh obviously love food, so naturally food is what we miss the most from our homes in the US of A. Sometimes don’t you just want a Twinkie, or a hamburger that doesn’t involve the word “Paty?” Here to the rescue is Send Love BA. Although Send Love keeps it a bit more classy than Twinkies, the concept is simple, yet brilliant: home delivery of care packages packed to the gills with grub we miss and love....

...It arrived one afternoon in an eco-friendly brown sack with a little ribbon, perhaps to imply its contents meant well. Our wonderful delivery gal kindly informed us that there was a bagel and that it was to be eaten immediately as it was fresh and hot...

...These were hands down the best brownies we’ve tasted in BA. That might not say much, but they could compete in the states no problem. They were gooey, soft moist, sweet all at the same time. Almost like a dark boliche in your mouth. The best thing? They tasted just as great days later...


Quick Tips for Studying Abroad in Buenos Aires

Hi Parents: Sending Money to Buenos Aires

Let's pretend that everyone under 25 is super responsible. But even a super responsible person can loose a credit card, right?

The best way to send funds to someone in Buenos Aires is through Western Union. Bank transfers are only feasible if the receiver has an ATM card and can access their account. If someone in BA has lost their ATM card the best way to get them cash is with Western Union. There are many locations throughout the city including a very safe one in the Recoleta Design Center complex. There is a fee involved but usually will not exceed $40 USD. Check out their site:

How to let family and friends know about SendLoveBA Care Packages

Friends and family back home should know how to send you a care package and SKIP international shipping fees!

Follow this link to tell someone about SendLoveBA: